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Bullying Alert System

Safeguarding Online Interactions

Advanced Features for a Safer Online Community

Navigating the online world shouldn’t come with risks of harassment or violence. That’s why we developed our Bullying Alert System, employing advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to ensure a safer digital experience for all.

Key Features:

Bullying Alert System

NLP & Sentiment Analysis: Real-time monitoring to identify and combat online bullying.

Real-Time Action: Instant detection triggers predefined steps to manage bullying instances.

Violence Instant Detection

Multi-Media Scanning: Analyzes text, audio, and video to catch all forms of harmful content.

Pre-Posting Removal: Flags and removes violent posts before they’re live.

Authority Alert: Severe threats trigger automatic notifications to authorities.

Part of ‘Moderate One’ Platform:

Our comprehensive ‘Moderate One’ platform also addresses other risks like misinformation and harmful content, offering a robust solution for any organization committed to online safety.

Why Choose Us?

Cutting-edge AI technology

User-friendly experience

Uncompromising on data privacy

For more info or to schedule a demo, contact us.

Safeguarding Digital Communities, One Interaction at a Time.

Social Media Content Filter by Moderate One

A Safer, Inclusive Digital Space

Introducing the first AI-powered, real-time content moderation app, designed to make online communities safer and more inclusive. Our solution effectively screens messages, images, audio, and videos for harmful content like violence, racism, and fake news.

Key Features :

Real-Time and Nuanced

Our AI algorithms work in real-time to identify harmful content, offering more than just keyword-based filtering for a nuanced moderation approach.

Wide Range of Harmful Content Detection

From violence and hate speech to harassment and misinformation, we detect and remove a broad spectrum of negative content.

Multilingual Support

Language is no barrier to safety with our system, which supports content moderation across multiple languages.

Reputation Management

Protect your brand or personal reputation by removing damaging content quickly and efficiently.


We respect freedom of expression through a personalized settings panel, giving users control over what they see and interact with.

Your Virtual Guardian for Brand and Personal Reputation:

Online Reputation Management AI: Safeguarding Your Trustworthiness in the Digital World. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, a sterling reputation is your most invaluable asset. One false move or an inadvertent mistake can tarnish the image you’ve worked so hard to build, affecting not just your brand but your bottom line. That’s where we come in.

In the digital age, your reputation is your most valuable asset. Our Online Reputation Management AI actively protects it, 24/7.

What We Do:

Monitor: Real-time scanning of social media, news, and forums.

Act: Immediate countermeasures to neutralize negative press.

 Analyze: Data-driven insights for strategic reputation management.

Who We Serve:

Individuals: High-profile persons looking to safeguard their public image.

Brands: Businesses aiming to build and maintain consumer trust.

Why Choose Us:

Accurate: Advanced AI for precise threat detection.

Confidential: Your privacy is our top priority.

Scalable: Customizable solutions for all needs.

Guard your legacy. Trust our AI to keep your reputation intact.

Early Warning System

AI-Driven Civil Unrest Prediction & Response

Empower Authorities with Proactive Safety Tools

Our Early Warning System utilizes AI to help authorities like police, gendarmerie, intelligence services, and first responders prepare for and mitigate civil unrest.

Key Features

Riot Early Warning System:

Sentiment Analysis: Monitors social media for mood shifts that may indicate unrest.

News Aggregation: Real-time news monitoring for assessing potential risks.

Behavioral Indicators: Tracks activities suggestive of planned disturbances.

Leverage our system for advanced notice and actionable insights, enabling rapid, informed decision-making. Fully compliant with privacy and legal standards. Secure your community today for a safer tomorrow.

The Armed Forces Awareness System:

Backed by the SECCOM framework, delivers a robust solution for secure social media and communication. Features include:

SECCOM Framework: Seamless integration with the ‘Moderate One’ platform to monitor and secure military-related communications.

Secure Messaging & Media Content: End-to-end encryption and controlled environments for sharing audio and video.

Custom Secure Channels: Personalized channels for enhanced secure communications.


Civil: Ideal for government and enterprise clients managing critical infrastructure.

Military & Defense: Suited for secure military operations, defense projects, and intelligence sharing.

Opt for SECCOM to ensure national security, operational efficiency, and controlled collaboration.

Transforming Healthcare through Optimization

Netsooon Health’s Healthcare Optimization System leverages big data and computer vision to elevate healthcare services:

Real-Time Case Sorting

Automatically prioritize emergency cases and manage waiting times, ensuring immediate attention where it’s needed.

Procedural Flow Efficiency

Our system employs computer vision to streamline healthcare operations, freeing staff to focus on patient care.


Improved Patient Outcomes

Optimized procedural flows result in superior patient care and improved health outcomes.

Waiting Time Management

Dynamic queue management to reduce patient waiting times without compromising care quality.

Telemedicine Support

For non-emergency cases, our platform provides instant online consultations, diverting patients to local doctors.

ER Congestion Solutions

Combat emergency room congestion through smart case sorting and telemedicine integration, delivering real-world solutions to healthcare facilities.

Choose Netsooon Health for smarter, more efficient healthcare services.

Europe's First Integrated Fintech, Payments, and Marketplace Ecosystem:

Paysooon offers a uniquely integrated ecosystem that combines Fintech, Payments, and a Marketplace platform, a first in the European market. Using AI-driven technology, we’ve developed an innovative credit scoring model that evaluates a broad range of data sources, making financial inclusion attainable for underserved communities. Our platform is enhanced by user-friendly AI chatbots, providing 24/7 support for transactions and customer inquiries. Further reinforcing trust, we employ real-time AI-based fraud detection to ensure the security of our user transactions. In essence, Paysooon pioneers a new standard in Fintech by offering an original, comprehensive, and secure service platform.

Your Trusted Partner in Combating City Desertification and Empowering Local Businesses:

Netsooon Market is more than just an e-commerce platform; we are a mission-driven community committed to revitalizing local economies and reversing the desertification of city centers. Leveraging state-of-the-art blockchain technology and data analytics, our platform provides a safe, verified marketplace that effectively tackles the issues of online fraud and counterfeit products.

While traditional e-commerce often undermines local businesses, Netsooon Market does the opposite. We are steadfast in our commitment to empower local vendors by equipping them with the tools and resources needed to flourish online. This dual focus not only enhances consumer trust but also stimulates sustainable economic growth, helping to breathe new life into our cities’ core commercial areas.

Choose Netsooon Market for a genuinely transparent, reliable, and community-centric online shopping experience that actively contributes to the well-being of your local economy.

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